Meek Mill is in my video games now


Meek Mill recently released an album titled, Dreams Worth More than Money. The same week, he released a game on the Apple iTunes store. Obviously, it is an interesting concept to create more hype for your project and I tip my hat to him for that. However, I had trouble finding the purpose of the game.

In the game titled, Bike Life, you are supposed to be Meek Mill on a 4-wheeler being chased by the cops. The objective is to avoid the oncoming traffic.

First of all, the character looks nothing like Meek Mill. I know it is a game but really, it is pretty ridiculous. Second, I find it interesting that the premise of the game is being a rapper being chased by the Po-Po. I feel that the game stereotypes rappers just a bit- but what do I know. Far be it for me to question Meek Mill’s logic. By the way, why would you be riding a 4-wheeler in a city? They could have gone with any vehicle and that’s what they went with? I don’t remember him rapping about riding a dirt bike with the Monster logo all over it.

On the whole, I feel it was a good idea but terribly executed. Props for the effort though. The album was good.

Here is a link to the app-

I’d love to hear what the readers thought.


Kanye and Jay Z picture book

It has been a while since the release of “watch the throne” but it is bringing up a lot of attention recently.

Bianca Bosso has written a pg rated picture book titled “Friends in Paris” based on the song “Niggas in Paris.” There are thirty two pages and it is for sure going to happen. It was all funded by a kickstarter campaign.

Read the book here:

Or own your own copy:

Dre’s New Protege


Mixtapes have become a necessity in hiphop music, in order to build fan bases, get discovered, and also to promote upcoming projects. Mixtape are essentially albums that are released for free online and often highlight the uniqueness of the artists more than their albums.

Jon Connor is not only showing his unique qualities but he is showcasing his versatility. Many of you probably don’t know Jon Connor. He is soon to be a household name as Dr. Dre’s new protégé.

In 2012, he released two mixtapes. The first titled “The Blue Album” and consisted of almost all remixes of famous Jay-Z songs. Connor then released “The People’s Rapper LP” in the same year, composed entirely of remixes of classic Eminem songs.

These mixtapes gained the attention of Dre who then signed him in 2014. Soon after, Connor created the “BestInTheWorld:” series of mixtapes in which Jon continued the pattern of tribunes.

BestInTheWorld: The Late Registration of a College Dropout Who Had a Dark Twisted Fantasy of 808s and Heartbreak” consists of Kanye West songs while the most recent “BestInTheWorld: A Tribute To The Notorious B.I.G. Vol. 1” remixes the famed Biggie Smalls. … Hopefully the next mixtape in the “BestInTheWorld:” will be remixing 2pac!