14 Upcoming Artists to Watch


If you’re like me, then you pride yourself on being among the first members of a musician’s fan base. In no particular order, here is a list of 14 artists that I think are worth keeping an eye on.



 1.Jon Connor

      Dr. Dre is known for leading his protégés to the Grammys and I expect nothing less from his new student, Jon Connor. This rapper is truly a legend in the making and already established himself as one of my favorite rappers.




2.Kxng Crooked

      You may know this artist by his former stage name, Crooked I. The Slaughterhouse emcee recently released his first solo project, Statik Kxng, under the alias of Kxng Crooked. I don’t know if this marks the end of Slaughterhouse but it is clear that Crooked has the talent to go solo.





      Grammy winning artist, Pharrell Williams, recently discovered this young L.A. emcee. Shortly afterward, Buddy released his debut mixtape, Idle Time. Buddy’s mainstream sound and TV-friendly persona combine to make this artist a wise investment.



4.Tito Lopez

      This amazing rapper comes from the unlikely place of Mississippi. Tito’s voice is so versatile that he sounds perfect on pretty much any beat that he touches. He is rumored to be working with Dr. Dre behind the scenes but nothing is official in regard to their collaboration as of yet.




  1. Keith James

      He hasn’t released many songs but the ones he has released, such as “Not My Day,” are awesome. I hope to hear more from Keith James.



  1. Leon Bridges

      Although he is only 26 years old, Gospel and Soul singer Leon Bridges is soon to become a household name. Listening to his debut album, Coming Home, is like stepping into a time machine and traveling back to the 1950’s.



  1. Raz Simone

Seattle native, Raz Simone, is one of my favorite upcoming rappers. His nontraditional rhyme schemes and staccato delivery bring a high level of intensity to his music. Raz’s knack for story telling and his ability to convey emotion takes the listener on an emotional rollercoaster.



  1. Sam Lachow

Fellow Seattle rapper, Sam Lachow, is also a great artist to keep an eye on. Although a friend of Raz Simone, Sam has a unique style of his own that allows for great collaborations between the two. Sam’s music is usually more jazzy and relaxed than that of Raz Simone.




  1. Rapsody

Hailing from Snow Hill, NC, Rapsody earned her spot on this list through pure originality. Unlike most female rappers, appearance is not a factor in her artistic image. Her laidback sound and poetic lyricism is far from mainstream. Nevertheless, hopefully her music will earn her the fame she deserves.




  1. Tory Lanez

      Does the American music scene have room for another Canadian rapper/R&B singer? If so, Tory Lanez definitely has the talent to fill that slot. Although he is far from a newcomer to the music scene, he has been gaining a lot of momentum as of late in social media.



  1. Rockie Fresh

      Rockie Fresh might not be the best rapper alive but he has the potential to be relatively popular. This new Maybach Music artist is definitely worth a listen.



  1. Ohana Bam

      Ohana Bam is originally from Chicago but currently resides in L.A. His music reflects influences from both cities, which creates an interesting harmony within the song. The song “Rest” earns him a spot on this list. If he releases similar songs in the future, he could make big waves on the music scene.



  1. Tink

      The only thing I have to say about Tink is that if Drake was a girl she would sound like this.



  1. Caskey

      Newly signed to Young Money, Caskey has a strong label supporting him. I don’t predict a ton of Grammys in Caskey’s future but he will probably sell a lot of records simply because he is a member of YMCMB.



Article by Joshua Mann