10 Remixes That Were Better Than the Original

A remix can be a beautiful thing. It’s a fantastic way to express your artistry over a celebrated beat in the hip-hop, R&B, and pop genres.


Sometimes, however, a remix is so awesome that the original version of the song seems worse by comparison.


Here are ten great examples of this:

  1. Lorde’s 2014 hit “Royals” won the Grammy Award for Song of the Year. T-pain should have won the fictitious Remix of the Year Award for his take on the song.


  1. When Ace Hood got his hands on the instrumental for “Pretty Boy Swag” he did things that Soulja Boy isn’t capable of.


  1. My first introduction to Phil Ade’s music was his remix of “Happy” by Pharrell. Ade fits the beat perfectly with his laid-back vocals and smooth flow.


  1. “6’7” is one of Lil Wayne’s most popular singles from his 2010 album Tha Carter IV. When Kendrick Lamar remixed it, he did what he’s best at: outperforming other artists.


  1. Kid Cudi’s “Cudderisback” is such a classic that many Cudi fans don’t even know it’s a remix of “Ottoman” by Vampire Weekend. This was my jam when I was in high school.


  1. “Roman’s Revenge” by Nicki Minaj (featuring Eminem) isn’t a bad song. I really enjoy the part with Eminem. However, at least 66% of the song is Nicki Minaj and that’s not a good ratio. Chris Webby is a more talented lyricist than Minaj and he proves that in “Webster’s Revenge.”


  1. Jon Connor has released entire mixtapes composing of remixed hits from famous musicians like like Eminem, Kanye West, and even The Notorious B.I.G.. Connor’s versatility as an artist is proven time and time again. His remix of Rick Ross’s “The Devil is A Lie” is so incredible that it puts Rick Ross to shame.


  1. Drake’s version of Goapele’s “Closer to My Dreams” is one of my favorite Drake tracks to this day. In my opinion, this is when the young rapper was in his prime.


  1. “Love Yourself” by Keith James is so much better than Justin Bieber’s version that I felt the need to include it. I hope to hear a lot more covers from Keith James in the future.


  1. It isn’t often that an artist is raised from the dead to remix a song. Luckily, an anonymous genius decided to do just that to Miley Cyrus’s song “Party in The U.S.A.”


What are some of your favorite remixes?


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New T-Pain & Lil Wayne Album!

Today, T-Pain released a collaborative mixtape with Lil Wayne!

Today’s a great day for T-Pain and Weezy fans! In collaboration with Lil Wayne, T-Pain decided to surprise us with a previously unreleased album consisting of 8 tracks.

In the mid to late 2000’s, the duo produced hits like “Got Money” “Lollipop” and “Buy U A Drank”.

It’s an unexpected treat hearing more music from them!

Stream the album for free here

What do you think of the album? Who do you think was better? Team Pain or Team Wayne?

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“There’s Really a Wolf” Album Review

Russ’s recent album, There’s Really a Wolf, serves as his long awaited major label debut but did it live up to my expectations?

Russ’s recent album, There’s Really a Wolf, serves as his long awaited major label debut but did it live up to my expectations?


I had high hopes and low expectations for this album. Russ is a true underdog and I wanted this project to be a game changer for him. However, I didn’t know if he was capable of raising the bar to that level.


Having heard all of Russ’s previous music I had a pretty clear picture of what the project would sound like. I imagined the album having great beats, some catchy choruses, and a lot of Russ talking about himself.


Basically, that’s what I got.

Some standout tracks include:

“I’m Here”

“The Stakeout”

“Me You”

“Don’t Lie”

“One More Shot”


“Pull The Trigger”



Unfortunately, that’s 8 out of the 20 songs on the album (not a great ratio). The remaining 12 tracks sounded like the same song remade again and again with very slight changes.


The lyrical content can be summed up as: girls, Russ, money, hustle, success, and more Russ. Themes include heartbreak and his unshakeable self-belief but that’s about as insightful as There’s Really a Wolf gets. The majority of the album’s made up of songs about how much success he’s obtained and how great he is.


In my opinion, There’s Really a Wolf lacked the potency that makes a record great. It wasn’t bad but it was weighed down by too much bragging and shallow concepts. At 20 songs, there was a lot of fat that could’ve been trimmed.


What did you think about Russ’s debut?

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New Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Video

Today, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony released the music video to their recent single, “Coming Home.” The song includes a guest performance from Stephen Marley, which to me is the cherry on the top of an already great treat.


The March-released single got me excited about the return of this veteran rap group. This video only strengthens my excitement for their new album New Waves, which will be arriving this summer.


Are you as excited for this album as I am?

Russ’s Debut Album Predictions

If you don’t already know, Atlanta rapper, Russ, will be releasing his debut album on May fifth. There’s Really A Wolf  is a self-produced project featuring 20 songs and no features. Two singles from the album “What They Want” and “Loosin Control” placed on US Billboard Hot 100.

Russ has a massive fan base, receiving tens of millions of views per video on Youtube. If this is any indicator of his popularity, I expect big sales numbers from this album.


I want to know what you think.

Are you excited for the release? Do you think you’re going to purchase the album?