Throwback Thursday: “Forgot About Dre”


“Play Pretend” EP Review

Play Pretend – EP is a newly released project from Seattle emcee, Sam Lachow. The five-song EP features Sam’s close friend and talented vocalist, Maggie Lou May, on every track.


Unlike the majority of Lachow’s discography, this record displays his deeper, more emotional side. Topics include substance abuse, mental health, and self-belief. I enjoyed the album thoroughly but I wish it was a full-length project, instead of an EP.


Listen below and let me know what you think


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Russ’ Album Goes Gold

“There’s Really A Wolf” has officially earned gold status. The album was released at the beginning of May with all of the writing, recording, and editing done singlehandedly by the Atlanta emcee himself. Many people have criticized Russ for his arrogance but the truth is that he wouldn’t be where he is today without loving himself so much.



“Blue Chips 7000” Album Review

Action Bronson’s long-awaited album, Blue Chips 7000, finally arrived today.


It’s everything I hoped it would be. The smooth jazz samples and signature Bronson vocals combine to form a true masterpiece. Standout tracks include “The Choreographer”, “Let Me Breathe”, “My Right Lung”, and “9-24-7000” which features a great verse from Rick Ross. My favorite thing about Action is his consistency. Bronson doesn’t try to be anything he’s not. He talks about the things he likes and that’s it… No conscious rapping or political statements- just happy-go-lucky Bam Bam doing his thing.


Listen to the album below:


What do you think of Blue Chips 7000?

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Tradition Every Rapper Should Have

On tour, Token picks a few volunteers from the audience to cypher with him before every show. It’s admirable because it shows Token’s humble, friendly, and down to earth. Hopefully more rappers start doing this.


Rap isn’t always about being the best. Sometimes, it’s simply about sharing your talent and passion with others.



Would you volunteer to rap?


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10 Songs You Need to Hear: Action Bronson

Gourmet chef, TV personality, and rapper, Action Bronson is gearing up to release a new album. Blue Chips 7000 will arrive this Friday (August 25th) so I decided to honor his music with a top-10 list.


Here are 10 of my favorite tracks from Bronsolini’s discography:



From Action’s Blue Chips mixtape series, this song is one of the most epic lyrical miracles from the New York emcee.


“Actin Crazy”

The music video is a masterpiece that makes me love the song even more. “Actin Crazy” is definitely a standout track from Mr. Wonderful.


“Mike Vick”

Bronson’s affinity for luxury is highlighted in this record. His performance in “Mike Vick” is the lyrical equivalent of a pimp walk.


“It’s Me”

Action’s lighthearted lyrics and the whimsical tone of the instrumental highlight the comedic demeanor that made him famous.


“Easy Rider”

Both the song and the music video are epic.



Action Bronson can deliver one of the best old-school flows.


“Tan Leather”

Bam Bam’s laid-back rhymes truly shine in “Tan Leather”. His indefinable coolness is part of what makes Action Bronson a larger than life personality.


“Riggs & Murtaugh” by Reks (ft. Action Bronson)

Reks is one of my favorite underground rappers. The two artists have great chemistry in “Riggs & Murtaugh”. Statik Selektah’s the only producer who could create such harmony.


“Hookers At The Point”

If you’re easily offended, DO NOT listen to this track.


“Pouches of Tuna”

Action’s voice and some string instruments are all the ingredients needed for a dose of dopeness.


Honorable Mentions:

Amadu Diablo

Pepe Lopez

Eggs On The Third Floor


What are your favorite records from Mr. Wonderful?


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New Token Music Videos

Boston rap prodigy, Token, recently released a couple new music videos. After touring with Hopsin for the past year as an opening act, Token announced his upcoming headlining tour.


On August 8, Token released a music video titled “Dirty Flesh”. On August 16, he released another called “Have You Seen Him?”. The two videos are very well-directed and almost feel like movies. “Have You Seen Him?” begins where “Dirty Flesh” ends which makes me wonder if Token’s going to release a string of songs and videos forming a longer narrative (think R. Kelly’s Hip-Hopera “Trapped in the Closet”).


I guess we’ll have to wait and see.



What do you think of the videos?

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