New Track From Jon Connor!

I’m so excited right now!


It’s been almost a year since the soon-to-be-legendary emcee, Jon Connor, released a song. I’ve been anxiously awaiting the arrival of his upcoming major label debut, Vehicle City, which is reportedly coming soon.


When Dr. Dre is the first voice you hear on a track, you know you’re in for a treat. “I’M BACK” (appropriately titled) is a glimpse into the lyrical warfare that is about to begin when Jon’s album drops.


Listen to “I’M BACK” below and be sure to check out my other articles about Connor.

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Next Big New York Rap Duo

20-year-old E-Class and his 12-year-old brother, Young Poppa, have grown a strong social media presence rapping as The Hoodies. The two young rappers went viral with a video of them freestyling in a car, racking up over 3 million views within a month.

The Hoodies. “[The name] stems from the stereotype of young minorities in hoodies or kids from a certain area in the world that are viewed as some type of suspicious individual,” E-Class explains. “I feel like our clothes, environment, or things that we had to live through shouldn’t be the cause of our demise or the reason we are harassed or judged. We call ourselves The Hoodies for people like Trayvon Martin who couldn’t live to his 21st birthday.”


Last month, it was announced that the duo signed a deal with 50 Cent, rumored to be worth well over a few million dollars, which officially adds them to the G Unit roster.


I’m excited to see where rap takes these two. Their chemistry is great, their flow and timing has fantastic give-and-take, and they’re insanely marketable… Two young brothers who can rap like a couple of old-school legends? I could sell that idea.


Check out the video from The Hoodies’ performance on Flex Hot 95 below:

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10 Songs You Need to Hear: Watsky

George Watsky, widely known as Watsky, is a rapper, slam poet, and author from San Francisco.


Watsky’s intellect, stage presence, and lyrical ability are undoubtedly the most defining qualities of his music, tackling pretty much any subject matter with ease. Recently, Watsky contributed a song to Lin-Manuel Maranda’s The Hamilton Mixtape as well as dropping his own fifth studio album, x Infinity.


Here are ten songs from Watsky’s discography to serve as an introduction:

  1. “S for Lisp”

2. “Whoa Whoa Whoa”

3. “Never Let it Die”

4. “Hey, Asshole”

5. “Strong as an Oak”

6. “Ten Fingers”

7. “Rich Girl”

8. “Cardboard Castles”

9. “Pink Lemonade”

10. “Wounded Healer”

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“No Dope on Sundays” Album Review


Atlanta rapper, Cyhi the Prynce, released his long-awaited debut album today titled No Dope on Sundays.


Most hip-hop heads are familiar with the G.O.O.D. Music artist but until now, his biggest claim to fame’s been his breakout verse on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.


Cyhi the Prynce receiving co-signs from both Beyoncé and Kanye generated a lot of buzz around his name. However, due to label issues and family matters, Cyhi’s debut album was postponed far too long. After switching from Def Jam to Sony, he finally got his project green lit. Fans’ expectations for NDOS (No Dope on Sundays) were very high after waiting 7 years.




 No Dope on Sundays was a very solid and well-done project. The majority of the tracks were just what I was hoping for as a fan of Cyhi’s work.


While NDOS was a fantastic project, it played more like a sophomore album than a debut. The subject matter (crime, drugs, violence, religion) isn’t a particularly great way to introduce yourself to mainstream media. Debut albums should be more relatable and paint a picture of the artist as a whole. Cyhi only really focused on where he came from.


Take Kendrick Lamar for example. Good Kid M.A.A.D City was an incredible entrance to mainstream. It covered a variety of topics and appealed to a much wider audience. Then, once he was famous enough, Kendrick was able to successfully make an album like To Pimp a Butterfly, which featured deeper subject matter and more experimental sounds.


I think No Dope on Sundays would’ve served as a fantastic second project for Cyhi.


My concern is that very few of the songs on NDOS are radio friendly and the songs that were intended to be (“Movin’ Around”, “Dat Side”, “Looking for Love”, and “I’m Fine.”) aren’t particularly awesome tracks.


No Dope on Sundays was a great album for true hip-hop fans but I’m interested to see if it catches the attention of the general public. Maybe I’m being too critical of the project… Hopefully, NDOS launches Cyhi into stardom but only time will tell.


Listen to the album below and tell me what you think:

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10 Songs You Need to Hear: Tito Lopez

Mississippi underdog, Tito Lopez, is an artist that many Hip Hop Heads are familiar with.

If you’re unfamiliar with Tito Lo, check out his story here.

Tito’s released many mixtapes over the years, but here are 10 songs that’ll serve as a good jumping-off point introducing you to his music:


  1. “Black Dude Spanish Name”

2. “Try Me”


4. “Y.O.U.”

5. “The Blues”

6. “Have Mercy”

7. “Story to Tell”

8. “Jada Pac [Venting Session #9]”

9. “Mississippi Burning”

10. “Outkast Medley”


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New Single From Dreamville’s Lute

Lute is releasing his debut album, West 1996 pt. 2, tomorrow and he’s sure to make waves with this project. In anticipation of the album, Lute dropped off another single today. “Premonition” features Cam O’bi and fellow Dreamville labelmates, Earthgang.


Last week, Lute released a short documentary, Still Slummin, which details his come-up and gives a bit of a backstory to the artist. I highly recommend checking that out before listening to his new album.



Are you as excited for West 1996 pt. 2 as I am?


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