New EP From Dreamville’s EarthGang

Today, Dreamville’s EarthGang dropped the second installment in a three-part series of conceptually linked EPs leading up to the debut project, Mirrorland.


Last month, in celebration of Johnny Venus and Doctur Dot signing a record deal with J. Cole’s Dreamville Records, the Atlanta rap duo released Rags – EP.


Robots continues the trifecta, which is set to conclude with Royalty before the end of the year. Although both Rags and Robots each stand on their own as very solid pieces of work, Dot has assured fans that each chapter makes up part of a “deconstructed album.”


The lost art of creating musical narratives appeals to both Venus and Dot, the latter saying:

“What I’m interested to see is how many people play ’em all back to back and play the story through and see … Those kind of conversations are my favorite. Those are the people that pick out the details and interpret shit their own way. It’s my favorite part of doing this shit ‘cause I don’t never tell someone they’re wrong. I think that’s dope. I ain’t think about it that way. That’s my favorite part.”


In my opinion, EarthGang represents some of the best lyricism to come out of Atlanta since OutKast. I’m excited to see how the three EP’s tie into the story of Mirrorland.


Check out Robots – EP below and let me know what you think.


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New Dizzy Wright Music Video

Courtesy of the upcoming movie, Flatliners, hip-hop fans were treated to an awesome music video from Dizzy Wright. It’s always a pleasure to hear new tracks from one of the most consistently impressive lyricists in the game. I might even see the movie in theaters  out of gratitude. Thank you, Flatliners.


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“Play Pretend” EP Review

Play Pretend – EP is a newly released project from Seattle emcee, Sam Lachow. The five-song EP features Sam’s close friend and talented vocalist, Maggie Lou May, on every track.


Unlike the majority of Lachow’s discography, this record displays his deeper, more emotional side. Topics include substance abuse, mental health, and self-belief. I enjoyed the album thoroughly but I wish it was a full-length project, instead of an EP.


Listen below and let me know what you think


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Sam Lachow Announces New EP

A couple days ago (August 6th), Sam Lachow announced his upcoming project is now available for pre-order on iTunes. Play Pretend (feat. Maggie Lou May) – EP will consist of five songs and is scheduled to arrive August 29th. If you pre-order the album, you get one of the tracks early.


According to Lachow’s facebook:

“It’s my most personal project to date and features all original composition by my best friend, Maggie. For everyone who wondered what I’ve been going through and where I’ve been the last year, this is for you.”


What are some of your favorite tracks from his past releases? Are you excited for the new EP?

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Luke Christopher: Album of the Year

Luke Christopher released his debut album today…

TMRWFRVR might be my favorite project of 2017 so far. Don’t get me wrong, Kendrick is still king but Luke blew me away with this album. When I first heard Section.80, I saw something special. I get the exact same feeling listening to TMRWFRVR.


The beats are incredible and Luke’s voice fits perfectly over each, switching between rapping and singing with jaw dropping grace.


The awesome thing about this project is that each song feels like a completely unique masterpiece. I can’t even name standout tracks because they are all that good.

Click here to buy the album… You will be so happy you did.

What do you think of the album?

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Best Mashup EVER


Two days ago, T-Pain appeared on “To The Beat With Kurt Hugo Schneider” and delivered a mind-blowing mashup performance.

T-pain’s by far one of my favorite musicians of all time. His NPR Tiny Music Desk performance took the Internet by storm and I hope this video receives the same well-deserved popularity.



What did you think of the video?

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