#TBT: “AwNaw” (by Nappy Roots)


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#TBT: “Yo (Excuse Me Miss)” (by Chris Brown)

Another classic from C-Breezy in honor of #ThrowbackThursday. I miss the days when music videos had impressive choreography and synchronized background dancers.



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Did Russ Stop Producing?

From growing an impressive fan base to releasing his debut album, Russ has been having a great year. This week, he released four new tracks and a video produced by Scott Storch. It’s interesting because a huge part of Russ’s identity is his production. He brags a lot about it.

I put out 11 albums – Produced by Russ – Mixed mastered engineered written by Russ” (“Exposed” by Russ)

Now, Russ seems to be letting Scott Storch take over on the production, essentially removing the most impressive part of his appeal. Russ is a hit or miss artist to me but all of the hits were a result of Russ being a talented producer. I don’t think Scott Storch can match Russ’s sound as well.




“Wife You Up” and “Prosper” are pretty good, but “Think Twice” and “Maybe” do absolutely nothing for me.


What do you think of the sudden change in production? Do you think there is a difference in quality without Russ producing?


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Another Upcoming Michael Jackson Release?

If you thought you were done hearing posthumous releases from the king of pop, you’d be wrong. September 29th, Scream, will be released to the masses.


The Halloween-style 13-song collection of MJ hits will also feature a brand-new five-song mash-up by The White Panda… As a life-long fan of Michael, this upsets me.


First of all, it’s a blatant attempt to squeeze every last penny out of the artist’s name. Second of all, the fact that the selling point of the album is a White Panda mash-up is insulting. If Michael Jackson wanted to work with White Panda, he would have. White Panda is unworthy of such an honor, to be frank.


It is time to let him rest in peace and stop diluting value of Michael Jackson’s legacy.



What is your opinion on the matter?

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Luke Christopher: Album of the Year

Luke Christopher released his debut album today…

TMRWFRVR might be my favorite project of 2017 so far. Don’t get me wrong, Kendrick is still king but Luke blew me away with this album. When I first heard Section.80, I saw something special. I get the exact same feeling listening to TMRWFRVR.


The beats are incredible and Luke’s voice fits perfectly over each, switching between rapping and singing with jaw dropping grace.


The awesome thing about this project is that each song feels like a completely unique masterpiece. I can’t even name standout tracks because they are all that good.

Click here to buy the album… You will be so happy you did.

What do you think of the album?

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