Luke Christopher: Album of the Year

Luke Christopher released his debut album today…

TMRWFRVR might be my favorite project of 2017 so far. Don’t get me wrong, Kendrick is still king but Luke blew me away with this album. When I first heard Section.80, I saw something special. I get the exact same feeling listening to TMRWFRVR.


The beats are incredible and Luke’s voice fits perfectly over each, switching between rapping and singing with jaw dropping grace.


The awesome thing about this project is that each song feels like a completely unique masterpiece. I can’t even name standout tracks because they are all that good.

Click here to buy the album… You will be so happy you did.

What do you think of the album?

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Ultimate Party Playlist

I believe I’ve created the formula for the perfect playlist to get everyone on the dance floor at a party.

  1. All songs must be danceable… No slow jams.


  1. The lyrical content needs to fit the party atmosphere. Nobody wants to hear life lessons when they are drinking. There is a time and place for conscious rap and it isn’t at a party.


  1. At least 75-85% of the playlist needs to be made up of popular songs that people know. This doesn’t mean play only songs from the past two years. Look over the past 20 years and dig up some throwbacks. In college, I tried playing underground artists like Kendrick and J. Cole before they were popular. Unfortunately, this resulted in guests constantly requesting song changes. On the whole, people don’t want to be introduced to unfamiliar artists at a party. They just want something they can jam to.


Click here or follow the link below to check out my ultimate party playlist.


What do you think of the playlist? Is there a different kind of playlist you’d like to see?


Leave comments and requests for different lists below.

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Best Mashup EVER


Two days ago, T-Pain appeared on “To The Beat With Kurt Hugo Schneider” and delivered a mind-blowing mashup performance.

T-pain’s by far one of my favorite musicians of all time. His NPR Tiny Music Desk performance took the Internet by storm and I hope this video receives the same well-deserved popularity.



What did you think of the video?

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Aloe Blacc – King Is Born

“King Is Born” is the first single off Blacc’s forthcoming album. It surfaced in a recent press conference promoting the upcoming Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather fight. The fight is happening on August 26th in Vegas.


I think Aloe Blacc is the perfect artist for commercial purposes. Ten thousand dollars says the song appears in Marvel’s Black Panther movie.


PART of Chance the Rapper’s NPR Tiny Desk Concert

So, after weeks of waiting, we finally have a piece of the NPR Tiny Desk Concert from Chance the Rapper. Usually these videos feature about 3 songs so I’m excited to see the whole video (whenever that comes out).

Here’s the song “Juke Jam” from the concert

10 Songs You Need to Hear: Luke Christopher


Luke Christopher’s a rapper, singer, songwriter, and producer from Los Angeles and he’s going to be huge. His style, talent, and versatility have “mainstream media” written all over it.


In anticipation for Luke’s long-awaited debut album TMRWFRVR, I’ve compiled a list of 10 songs to serve as an introduction for those who aren’t yet familiar with this rising star.


TMRWFRVR is set to release on July 28th (mark those calendars)!


“They Know”

“They Know” is catchy as hell. Luke Christopher’s mass appeal is clear in this song.


“The Alphabet”

This song reminds me of Lupe Fiasco more than Drake but either way, it’s sick.


“Waiting Game”

Turn that base up for this one.


“Ms. Holy Water”

Watch this video and tell me he doesn’t have swagger through the roof.


“Lot to Learn”

“Lot to Learn” can best be described as a pop song. It showcases Luke’s versatility perfectly though.


“The Lights”

I’m not sure why but this is one of my favorite Luke Christopher. It has that feel-good factor that only a chorus of children can provide.


“This Old World”

Produced, written, and performed by Luke Christoper.


“Let’s Have a Party (feat. Asher Roth)”

Luke’s collaborated with Asher Roth on multiple occasions and I think they work well together.


“Hell of a Rhyme”

“Hell of a Rhyme” has that old-school vibe that true hip-hop fans can appreciate.



If TMRWFRVR’s as good as this recently released single, I’ll be one happy fan.



Which song did you like the most?


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Five Mixtapes You Might’ve Missed (Volume 1)

In the modern hip-hop industry, releasing free mixtapes is the most popular way to gain publicity. Due to the massive amount of music floating around the Internet, great work often goes unnoticed and underappreciated.


Here are a few mixtapes that might’ve slipped under your radar that are worth checking out.



Long Term 2 by Ab-Soul

 In 2010, Top Dawg Entertainment was still trying to break into the game. Since then, the independent label’s become a household name among Hip-Hop fans. Ab-Soul’s mixtape, Long Term 2, is a shining example of how talented the Top Dawg team really is.

Click here to listen and download Long Term 2



In Between The Lines (Volume 2) by Reks

 Fans of old-school rap music will love this one. Reks stands for ‘Rhythmatic Eternal King Supreme’ and he earns his name with this 30-song masterpiece. Hosted by Statik Selektah, In Between The Lines (Volume 2) has the underground sound that brings you back to the golden era of hip-hop.

Click here to listen and download In Between The Lines (Volume 2)



Cognitive Dissonance by Raz Simone

Raz takes you on an emotional journey with Cognitive Dissonance. I had never heard of him before discovering this project and I was instantly a huge fan. Lyor Cohen, Todd Moscowitz, and Kevin Liles made a great choice when they signed Simone to their newly established company, 300 Entertainment.

Click here to listen and download Cognitive Dissonance



Stoic by T-Pain

I’m a die-hard T-Pain fan and it’s because of his mixtapes. My personal favorite mixtape from him is Stoic. Stand-out tracks include “Hole In My Pocket”, “SupperTime”, and “Exclusive”.

Click here to listen and download Stoic



Slumdon Bridge by Yelawolf & Ed Sheeran

 Shady Record’s Yelawolf teamed up with UK singer Ed Sheeran to create a free EP in 2012. Slumdon Bridge only has 4 songs but those songs are awesome. The collaboration of these two artists is fantastic, creating a perfect juxtaposition in each song.

Click here to listen and download Slumdon Bridge


What was your favorite on the list? 


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