Ultimate Party Playlist

I believe I’ve created the formula for the perfect playlist to get everyone on the dance floor at a party.

  1. All songs must be danceable… No slow jams.


  1. The lyrical content needs to fit the party atmosphere. Nobody wants to hear life lessons when they are drinking. There is a time and place for conscious rap and it isn’t at a party.


  1. At least 75-85% of the playlist needs to be made up of popular songs that people know. This doesn’t mean play only songs from the past two years. Look over the past 20 years and dig up some throwbacks. In college, I tried playing underground artists like Kendrick and J. Cole before they were popular. Unfortunately, this resulted in guests constantly requesting song changes. On the whole, people don’t want to be introduced to unfamiliar artists at a party. They just want something they can jam to.


Click here or follow the link below to check out my ultimate party playlist.



What do you think of the playlist? Is there a different kind of playlist you’d like to see?


Leave comments and requests for different lists below.

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5 Kendrick Features From Back In The Day

5 great songs featuring Kendrick before he blew up

Kendrick Lamar’s a household name in Hip-Hop. However, like many artists, the road to success was long and full of guest features and mixtapes. His second studio album, Good Kid, M.A.A.D City, was the album that launched Lamar into popular culture in 2012.

 Before that time, his verses were equally as potent.

Here are five great songs featuring Kendrick before he blew up:


“Flower Child” by Nitty Scott (Feat. Kendrick Lamar)

About two months before Good Kid, M.A.A.D City came out, Nitty Scott released her debut, The Boombox Diaries, Vol. 1. The song “Flower Child” is a true hidden gem in the genre. Nitty Scott’s an incredible female emcee and Kendrick kills this track (in a good way).


“Textbook Stuff” by XV (Feat. Kendrick Lamar)

Many of you might know XV from the song “Awesome” which was included in the NBA 2K12 soundtrack. Although his debut album, The Kid With The Green Backpack, never saw the light of day (for unknown reasons), XV still released over 20 mixtapes during his career. His 2011 project, Zero Heroes, has a great verse from Lamar in the song “Textbook Stuff”. This was months before Kendrick released his first studio album, Section.80.


“Zip That Chop That” by Black Hippy

Before they were famous, the Top Dawg Entertainment artists made up a single group. Black Hippy consisted of Kendrick, Ab-Soul, Jay Rock, and Schoolboy Q and they were awesome. The four rappers still collaborate but most of their recent work’s more focused on their solo careers. “Zip That, Chop That” is a throwback classic and watching the video is half of the fun. It’s crazy to see how young they were.


“Too Strong” by the Gooneez & the Fratelleez (feat. Kendrick Lamar)

This Southern California rap duo and their three-piece band, the Fratelleez, are truly unique. Combining elements of rap, rock, and punk, the song “Too Strong” is a solid piece of music with a solid verse from Kendrick.


“Hood Gone Love It” by Jay Rock (feat. Kendrick Lamar)

Only weeks after Kendrick released Section.80, Jay Rock dropped his own debut album, Follow Me Home. Both projects are pure classics. July of 2011 was a big month for me, as a fan of Top Dawg Entertainment. The song “Hood Gone Love It” is one of my favorite features Kendrick’s ever done.



Which song is your favorite?


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